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30 Days of Anime: Day 17


I’m a little later than usual posting this! Sorry, I’ve been binging on Kiznaiver (anticipate a glowing review!) and almost forgot I have a blog. Phew. Luckily, here I am!


Oh, no. Isn’t every male character I write about a supporting character? Clearly I’m always one for the pagesboy, never the groom. Leorio? A good boy, but we’ve been there. Todoroki? Yup. Oh boy. How about the boy that got me into anime?



Mr Tsundere, dead fish eyes himself. Before I even started Attack on Titan, I’d heard all about Levi. He was everybody’s new husbando. ‘But why?’ I thought. He’s not even cute.

Who cares about cute – the boy kicks MAJOR ASS. He isn’t called humanity’s strongest soldier for nothing. When we’re first introduced to Levi he’s…pretty unlikeable. Just a greasy, short dude who is super anal about cleaning. Seriously, someone get this man some hand sanitiser.


I cannot believe that this is canon.

But what he lacks in style, he makes up for in cool and talent. Levi is a BEAST when it comes to killing beasts. There isn’t many that can escape once he sets his mind on destroying them, and even when injured, he doesn’t let them off easy. Seriously, he wasn’t made Captain and scouted from the underground for nothing.

But even though he’s your textbook deadpan tsundere…gasp, Levi does have a heart. In fact, for someone who looks like he kills mercilessly, Levi is a thoughtful and caring fighter. This applies to both his comrades – who he will risk his own life for at risk of throwing away the mission, and even the Titans. You only have to note his expression change when he is faced with the possibility that the Titans were once human.


Despite Bleach being my first anime, Attack on Titan was the one that got me into the genre once I was aware of what the genre was, and I put a lot of it down to admiration and awe towards Levi’s ‘calm but deadly’ personality. I cannot WAIT for the new season of Attack on Titan, since I just know he’s going to impress again.

Until next time!

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