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30 Days of Anime: Day 16


Admittedly (and maybe shamefully?), for someone who runs a blog all about the animation medium, I actually don’t know a lot about animation quality. I mean, I know when animation is dire, but when it comes to distinguishing decent to high quality animation? Eh, I have no idea. But I’ll try my best! I’ve been watching a show recently (that I was going to write a review on, eventually), that hasn’t been highly praised for its story, but the few who have seen it has agreed the animation was pretty good.


Plus, it gives me the chance to talk about a show that is otherwise very under the radar.



Since the anime is based on a game, I wasn’t really expecting anything more than a fancy advertisement (even with all the now defunct Western servers, RIP). Honestly, I only picked this up after seeing a screenshot of a cute boy and doing some research. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself enjoying both the story, as well as finding it super pretty.

Starting with the characters. As I mentioned, I only picked up the show due to the character design anyway. From my research, I found out that the characters in game are actually only little chibi sprites, with no distinguishing features. And yet in the anime, all the characters are very well designed and attractive, and are all given some kind of personality through their design.

Velnar (centre) is who caught my attention initially.

High fantasy is a genre that is criminally underused in anime. I assume that this is due to it needing a high budget to pull off successfully, something that a lot of studios just don’t have to throw away on a risk. As a big fan of high fantasy, this disappointed me. However, Chain Chronicle got this just right, and showed off just what you can do with high fantasy with the stunning settings. Seriously, all of the backgrounds looked stunning, and set the atmosphere perfectly.


And of course, in any action anime, the biggest risk factor in animation is the fights. If your fights look awful, then there’s really no reason to be watching. Leave still frames and janky animation in Soul Eater Not!, please. Again, there was no fear in this with Chain Chronicles. All of the fights were animated really well, with the CGI use of horses and magic blending in seamlessly with the hand-drawn aspects.


It may not be the poster child for the greatest animation ever, but for a show that is literally just a long advert for a mobile game, it went above and beyond into its own piece of respected media. It’s unfortunate that we probably won’t see any more Chain Chronicle media, but at least this proved itself to be worthy as a standalone.

Which shows do you think have great animation that should be mentioned more? Also, if you know any more high fantasy shows – let me know! I’m starving here.

Until next time!


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