Winter 2018 anticipation

With Fall coming to an end, it’s finally time for some very anticipated titles to swing through in the new year! Unfortunately, at the time of Fall’s start, I forgot that I had a blog. Rest assured though, my password is tucked away in my cerebral cortex now, and I can actually form my thoughts. Without further ado, here is what I’m planning to watch in the Winter 2018 season, whether it may be great or not.



Yep, like everybody else this Winter, I shall be watching Citrus. I don’t know much about it, honestly. I don’t think I really need to, except that it is a Yuri, a genre that really doesn’t appear all that often in anime. Let’s be real, Citrus definitely isn’t going to be winning any awards (especially if the reviews of the manga are anything to go by) but there’s no doubt that this season, this will be the first title on everyone’s lips, and I intend to follow the hype train too. Choo choo.

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku


I was really excited reading the title because for whatever reason, my brain jumped to Death Parade, which is one of my favourite shows ever. Unfortunately, we have the obligatory seasonal isekai here. The protagonist appears to look like Kirito, which is a tick from me (I unironically loved Sword Art Online), but the general vibe screams DanMachi to me, which leaves me apprehensive since DanMachi was so painfully bland. Still, I’ll probably stick this one out.



I’m…really unsure about how I feel about this. For a start, I’m really digging the CGI art style, and feel it could be pretty refreshing between all the typical moeblob designs we’re usually fed. On the other hand, I’m having strong flashbacks to Hand Shakers, and if there’s one show I don’t need to see again, it’s Hand Shakers. I’m also intrigued that something that looks to be a pretty straight forward mecha show is in fact not tagged as a mecha at all, and looks to be ready to serve some dementia realness. Count me in, if not just for curiosity alone.



The synopsis for this on My Anime List, for whatever reason, reminds me of a great movie I watched a while ago called In Time, where minutes acted as a currency. It also sounds like a great synopsis for a mystery video game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where the anime has its origins. With this in mind, I think this has the potential to be my AOTS…or become a total catfish, and go Mayoiga on me. I loved Mayoiga, but really – who expected that?

Ito Junji: Collection


Now, this. THIS has all my hype for the season. Not only am I a big horror fan, but I am also a big fan of Junji Ito. His mangas always leave my skin sufficiently crawling.  And look at that poster! Whilst horror anime usually leaves a lot to be desired, I have a lot of faith in Junji Ito, and believe that we’re FINALLY going to get something scary! I’m hoping for at least one sleepless night here.

Killing Bites


I am fully aware this will be awful. Just look at it. Juuni Taisen (which I am enjoying, for the record) is getting bashed for silly designs, but COME ON. The main girl is a damn honey badger. Are we back in 2008. now? That being said, because I know it’s going to be a trainwreck, I am incredibly excited to watch it. There has to be one every season, just to remind you that anime is, indeed, trash. Thanks, Killing Bites, I have faith you’ll deliver in this aspect.

Gakuen Babysitters


Cute boys, you say? Say no more. Sure, the art style isn’t what I usually go for, but how often do we get cute boys doing cute things? Expecting a lot of fluff, hopefully it airs right after Killing Bites so I’ll be able to cleanse my eyes with some well deserved bishies.

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens


The city crime seting, and the intertwining of different characters tales is giving me serious Durarara!!! vibes. Now, I won’t get too excited just yet, as I spotted that this is coming from a Chinese studio. After the diabolical Evil or Live this season…I will watch this one, but approach with caution.

Sanrio Danshi


More cute boys! Doing cute things! With Hello Kitty! Really, what is there NOT to get excited about? Yes, it is animated by Studio Pierrot, but since this isn’t a long running shounen or beloved franchise, I’m trusting them to behave. I’m already predicting that cheeky purple hair will be my best boy.

And that concludes my list! What will you guys be watching? What have I missed that I should be watching? As always, let me know!

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