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My Top 5 Anime of 2020!

Before I even begin, there’s so much to say! I neglected this blog (as I now work full time as a teacher….which is more of a vocation than a job), but yet, people are still visiting every day, and leaving lovely comments. I can’t thank you enough for the love and support this blog gets. It really is appreciated. It’s been an absolutely crazy year, and I’m sure I don’t need to expand on why, so thank you.

Another year, another year of anime! But in my limited time this year, what have been the shows that have caught my eye and captured my interest?

For this list, I’m not including sequels, so don’t expect to see Attack on Titan here!

5. BNA (Brand New Animal), Studio Trigger

Boku No Animals?

What would be a year-end list from me, without sucking up to Trigger at least once? BNA is Triggers latest offering, trailing after the furry tail of Beastar’s success. Whilst I don’t think it’s the best thing Trigger has to offer, in a year of misery, it put a huge smile on my face. The story follows Michiru, a beastman, who moves to a city full of people just like her, where she can finally be herself. Of course, nothing is ever that straight forward, and trouble ensues. The colours, the animation, and the music all add to an incredible experience. Despite there not being a super robot in sight, the show still oozes Trigger, therefore it claims the #5 spot on my list.

4. Super HxEros!, Project No.9

Look…I can explain. Anyone who’s read my blog knows that I’m very fond on ecchi anime, at least when it’s done right. Will this show win any awards? Nah. Has it changed my life? Definitely not. Was it fun as all hell to watch? Oh yeah. Super HxEros (or Dokyuu Hentai Eguzerosu) is literally just ecchi Power Rangers. With the power of ‘H-Energy’ (which was later established to be the Horny), 5 teenagers gain super powers, and lose all of their clothes. With these powers, they rid the world of H-Energy sucking ‘Censor Bugs’. The premise is so ridiculous, and it’s very obviously not taking itself seriously. I for one, loved every minute of it, and put it at the #4 spot on my list.

3. Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun, Lerche

One of, if not the most well known anime on my list. I was super excited when this show was announced. I was already familiar with the manga, as well as the Japanese folk-lore of Hanako-Kun, so I was excited to see where this show went. And oh my, it was love at first watch. The art in this show is gorgeous, and adds to the entire experience. It stays true to the art of the manga, without looking too janky and awkward, and gives us the unique visuals we love now. The characters in Hanako Kun were never once annoying, and endeared me until the end. As the show progressed, its popularity grew, and quite rightly, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the next show to experience a resurgence in popularity in a year or so, and more people will experience the magic behind it.

2. The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited, Cloverworks

I’m….uh…not…sure what made me want to watch this show. I, uh. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just Daisuke Kambe?

Coming clean, I watched this show purely for shallow reasons…at first. Super hot, tsundere detective? Naturally, I was intrigued going in, and decided I would end up finishing it for that reason alone. HOWEVER, I was pleasantly surprised when the show actually turned out to be…really enjoyable. The show follows two detectives: One who will solve every problem with an unlimited bank account; and the other who abhors the idea. Whilst the buddy detective trope is nothing new, The Millionaire Detective played the two characters off well, and walked the line between comedy and serious drama perfectly. Despite the running gag throughout the show, they knew when it was time to tackle something serious, and there was no whiplash from the change in tone. I also loved the costs incurred after each episode (£53 billion to solve one case was a personal highlight), which just hit home how bizarre the whole premise was. But it just missed out to my #1, which should come as no surprise.

  1. Interspecies Reviewers, Passione

This should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone. This show absolutely rocked my world in 2020. I’m as surprised as anyone else. Yes, I like ecchi. But my #1 show of 2020? Well, 2020 has been a weird year, I suppose. I wrote a review earlier in the year about how much I enjoyed watching this show, and 9 months later, my feelings haven’t changed. The show is absolutely vulgar, but the jokes all land. It could be that I was raised on sex comedies such as American Pie, but I found myself finishing each episode with a huge, shit-eating grin on my face. I’ve said everything that has needed to be said about it in my previous review, but it all still stands up, and I advocate for everything I said previously. Interspecies Reviewers being AOTY 2020 is not a meme, it’s the real thing.

So, there’s my list. I hadn’t watched as much as I would like this year, but I’m always hoping that will change. I have 2 weeks off for Christmas to watch as many shows as I can, and with Attack on Titan and World Trigger returning, I won’t be too far away from anime in these coming months.

What shows have I missed? What should I have watched?

Until next time!

1 thought on “My Top 5 Anime of 2020!”

  1. There is this saying that if you like something (regardless of how dysfunctional it is), someone else does cuz we don’t live in a vacuum. Interspecies reviewers as anime of the year is a spectacular choice. Despite it being borderline hentai and degenerate, my reasons for liking it are quite different from your American Pie example. As a former swinger/ladies man, I would go out on dates, meet a lot of women through tinder and get laid a lot, but as guys, we usually have a post-analysis review of our sexual encounters. Sometimes we base it on our performance and then course correct for the next time so that at least when we have sex she leaves thinking that she had the best time of her life. Same goes for rating her performance, annoying stuff that she did and amazing stuff that she did. Guys like different things during sex and have different deal-breakers. e.g like the angel guy and elf guy who doesn’t like old elves even though they look young.

    Despite it being fiction and perverse, I do believe guys, especially guys who sleep around a lot and are open about sharing their sexual experiences with other men (good and bad moments) do this. I don’t know how a girl would relate but it’s still a fun show with bizarre and unapologetic shit in it lol


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