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Wow, who turned out the lights over here?


That’s better.

Only a quick post for now, but boy do I have a lot to catch up on! It’s been a busy time for me. Between moving country, getting a new job, applying for a masters degree, and losing the password for my blog (I know!), I haven’t been able to get on here.

Let it be known. Ahoge Girl is still here, and she still watches as much anime as ever!


Regular programming to resume soon but, yeah…I’m not dead, everyone!



3 thoughts on “Hi…”

  1. Oh my god, it’s been so LONG! You were probably one of my first follows, where have ya been!

    You 100% don’t remember me probably, because I’ve rehauled my name and site like 7 times since August of last year (wow, you came back literally a year later,lol).

    Well, niceto have you back.

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