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Trigger On! World Trigger anime/manga review.

It has been a hectic few weeks, dear readers! I finished at my job, moved countries, and am preparing to move house again! So unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time to write this blog.

However, in my downtime, if you are one of the unfortunate souls to follow my anime twitter account, you will have seen that I became a one woman parade for the series ‘World Trigger’. I managed to binge through both the anime and the manga, and have been dying to talk about it again ever since.


Whilst this post will talk about the series as a general, I will be covering some specific points about both the anime and the manga, since despite covering the same content, they differ massively.

WORLD TRIGGER (ワールドトリガー)


“Earth is under constant threat from Neighbors, invincible monsters from another dimension that destroy our way of life. At least we have the elite warriors of Border, who co-opt alien technology to fight back! Our hero Osamu Mikumo may not be the best agent, but he’ll do whatever it takes to defend life on Earth as we know it. When Osamu meets a feisty humanoid Neighbor named Yuma, everything that he thinks is right is turned on its head. Can the two natural enemies ever become friends?” (from MyAnimeList)

I was intrigued by World Trigger due to the sci-fi premise. Science fiction is done a lot in anime and manga, but it is rarely done well. However, a battle manga under the science fiction umbrella? Beam me up, please.


In some senses, World Trigger isn’t all that different from the battle manga Shounen Jump offers that we all know and love. In fact, rather than having the one tournament arc to get everyone hyped up, World Trigger decides to turn almost the entire story into a tournament arc. Of course, there’s actual story, too. The lore behind the world of ‘Neighbours’ (the creatures that antagonise the Earth), and the war between them and the Earth appears to be vast and interesting. Not to mention that whilst every characters backstory may not be totally dark and heartbreaking, they still stand as relevant and exciting enough to progress and improve the story in big ways, particularly the backstory of deuteragonist, Yuuma.


Two features I liked a lot about World Trigger, despite being in some ways a typical SJ battle manga, were the two features I thought separated it. The first factor, was the main character, Osamu. Though he started weak in his power at the beginning of the manga…that’s where he remained. Unlike zero to hero protagonists, such as Deku, Osamu’s strengths (ha) do not lie in his strength, but more in his analytical and brain power. And hell, even then, he’s not the strongest member of his team in most situations. But I really like this approach. It makes Osamu a much more likeable and approachable MC as a result – which is probably why he keeps topping the popularity polls.


Leading on from Osamu’s skills, is the other factor I really like about World Trigger. In a story so focused on teams, it’s very easy for all problems to be resolved through the power of friendship, rather than an actual power of strategy, which is where World Trigger excels. How are you supposed to take down an enemy without playing up your strengths to your enemies weaknesses? World Trigger spends just as much time noting the characters weaknesses, and it really does pay off, for the battle scenes are exhilarating. If the Trigger battles aren’t exciting enough, we have the internal thought processes of every member causing us to hold our breath in anticipation, too.


Now, I mentioned that I watched the anime as well as read the manga. If you are planning on giving World Trigger a go, I strongly recommend reading the manga over watching the anime. Whilst it’s not terrible as a stand alone, it’s mediocre as a standalone, and a terrible adaptation. It suffers from pacing issues, animation woes (so many still images!!), among other issues. The only advantage to watching the anime, is the inclusion of a filler arc which introduces some very cute characters. Otherwise…it’s best to leave it, unless you’re a die hard fan like I am.


Overall, if you’re a big fan of the battle shounen genre, and you’ve been looking for a little something more – World Trigger may just be the series for you! I also strongly recommend it to anybody who is a big fan of science fiction, or for beginners to the sci-fi genre. Since it’s been on hiatus for a while now (sniff), you have plenty of time to catch up!

My manga rating – 9/10

My (biased) anime rating – 7/10

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Are any of you guys considering reading or watching World Trigger? Do you have any other manga you want me to read based on this review? Let me know!

Until next time!


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