Welcome to a new segment on my blog! In between all of my posts about anime, I’ve started a new section on my blog about Japanese music and what artists I think are worth a shoutout. I’ve found out about a lot of them through anime, but they’re all much better than 1 minute 30 seconds of a theme song. Without further ado, welcome to the Artist Spotlight.



Formed: 2007
Genre: Pop, Electronic, Rock
Members (from L-R): Nakajin (Leader, guitar), Fukase (Vocals, concept), Saori (Piano), DJ Love (Sound mixing, mood maker)

Yes, that is a clown you’re seeing, and yes, that is his permanent look. But if you think that the best thing about SekaOwa is going to be that they have a clown for a member…oh, no. It makes them stand out, for sure, but they made sure they rode out the attention by promoting the best music possible.

Unlike many artists I’ll be covering in this segment, I actually found out about Sekai no Owari through clicking through Youtube links for hours, rather than through anime. Despite this, upon further research, I found out they aren’t as removed from anime as I initially thought, with their singles being used for the ‘Attack on Titan’ live action movies. Awful as those movies were, the songs certainly weren’t.

You may notice that ‘Hey! Aren’t they a Japanese band? I heard a lot of English there!’ and, yes you did. As well as a bunch of great songs in Japanese, with a debut into the English speaking market imminent, SekaOwa have also released a number of songs in English. Whilst Anti-Hero is pretty melancholy, their other English offerings are a lot more upbeat – reminiscent to the work of Owl City. If you’re new to the world of J-Pop, their English releases may be the best place to start.
(One More Night serves as their official English language debut).

Why I fell in love with Sekai no Owari? Besides the songs just sounding great, I loved the diversity of their discography. They can pull off electronic raves, rock – you name it. Each genre is pulled off as easily as the last, with no sign of the group losing their way or vision along the way. Each change is paired with its own unique concept, well crafted and showstopping. Just compare the linked Anti-Hero with my personal favourite single, RPG (my most played song for almost 3 years running now!):

And when talking about Sekai no Owari and the effort they put into their concepts, and art that goes along with their music…I have to talk about their live shows. Whilst I’ve never been so lucky as to see them live (Europe shows, when?!), I make do with pictures and videos of their live shows, which still manage to take my breath away. Seriously, check this out!

This is literally their stage set up for their latest tour. Take a moment to take that in.

RECOMMENDED SONGS: RPG, Death Disco, Snow Magic Fantasy, Mr. Heartache, The Fire & Forest Disco.
*For vocaloid fans, check out vocalist Fukase – who is a vocaloid in the same universe as the legendary Hatsune Miku!


That sums up my first artist spotlight section! I kicked it off with my favourite Japanese artist, but I have lots more up my sleeve.

What artists do you guys want to see here? If you decide to check out Sekai no Owari – let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Until next time!



  1. I loved Death Disco and Hey ho, also saw one of their concert vids. Damn wings and him looking like a cyborg, it seems like an amazing experience being a part of those.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Woah I didn’t even think of it, now that you say it, it does look like an improved Tomorrowland.


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