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The Bad, and the Ugly – Shows That I Just Could Not Finish.

There seems to be a weird misconception sometimes, that if you like anime, then you like ALL OF IT. You like Dragon Ball Z? Then you must’ve liked Clannad! Loved Death Note? I bet you’re a big K-On! fan! And sure, many people do explore everything within the medium. However, occasionally you do seem to hit those bum notes…those shows you can’t bring yourself to finish, whether this is out of boredom or just pure hatred.


Out of the 233 entries that make up my ‘watched’ on MyAnimeList (12 watching, 201 completed, 7 on hold), 13 of those entries have been shows I dropped. No matter how hard I tried, these shows just didn’t grab me. I know for a fact I have some super controversial opinions in terms of dropping the shows, so I am very much looking forward to the comments!

  • I have omitted talking about shows I dropped this season, or shows that I watched that I cannot remember a damn thing about (3D Kanojo, Beatless, Nana Maru San Batsu)



I dropped this at 3/10 episodes. Honestly it just…wasn’t anything, at all. The name got me intrigued and got a few laughs out of me, but besides that, it had nothing to offer or to back up my expectations. The characters were bland and dull. The ‘jokes’ mostly revolved around the girlfriend being clueless about everything that comes with being a girlfriend, but after the first few jokes, the shtick really starts to fall flat. It failed on the comedy aspect, the ecchi wasn’t funny enough to make up for it being super tame. This was catfishing at it’s best.



Dropped at 7/12 episodes. I really did try my best with Citrus. It was one of the most talked about shows of the season, so naturally I wanted to be part of the discussion. But…really? Is it really that difficult for anime to show a same-sex relationship without turning it into a sexual assault fest? I share this complaint in many yaoi anime too, but they don’t get nearly as much attention as Citrus. There was only so many times I could watch Yuzu (who was the only saving grace of the show) get forced into some act she didn’t want to do by literally every girl she encountered.



Dropped at 6/23 episodes. Everyone always seems outraged when I tell them I dropped Clannad and, I understand I suppose. After all, it’s one of the most beloved series of all time, even for people who claim they’re not all that into romance. As someone who is also not into romance, I took this in my stride and decided to give Clannad a try…zzz. I don’t know, maybe I’ve just been too spoilt by high paced action shows, and therefore I now have the attention span of a bug, but I was bored. Whilst I loved Tomoyo as an MC, he just wasn’t enough to keep me interested. Plus…those eyes. Not for me.



Dropped at 12/25 episodes. I know this is another controversial opinion. Code Geass commonly tops ‘the best anime ever’ lists, and LeLouch is the most popular character on MyAnimeList with an impressive 79k people naming him as a favourite. It’s ironic then, then LeLouch was among the reasons that I just couldn’t get into this show. And believe me, I tried. I must’ve tried and dropped this show at least 5 times before giving up completely. But, to me, Code Geass appeared like it wanted to be Death Note, in terms of clever mind-games and morally gray characters but…just, couldn’t. I couldn’t find it in me to root or like many, if any of the characters (especially Suzaku, die please). The show bored me to tears, and even Geass couldn’t bring me to watch it again. As a positive though, I am a big fan of the opening.



Droppe at 4/12 episodes. You know, call me crazy but…designing a fifth grader to look like an adult bishounen is bad enough. Having the high schooler lust and pine after the fifth grader and his other bishounen-same-age classmates….doesn’t sit quite right with me. Aside from an eyebrow raising concept, the show just wasn’t very good. If you’re going to tackle a trash taboo, at least attempt to redeem yourself by making the show good. I actually thought from the synopsis that this was a spoof anime at first but for something tagged comedy…where are the jokes at? Scary as it is that this show actually takes itself seriously, perhaps a horror tag would be more apt.



Dropped at 5/26 episodes. Believe me, no one is more disappointed than me at not liking this. Big muscular men, ridiculously overpowered characters, memes…it was perfect on paper. Yet the first few episodes, despite opening with an incredibly hype and powerful song just left me…bored. I wasn’t really rooting for Jonathan at all, and felt incredibly let down by the entire thing. Maybe it gets better later, but Part One is a big gatekeeper, unfortunately.



Dropped at 5/24 episodes. I have previously reviewed Seikon no Qwaser, and gave all the reasons I hated it, but here I am again. As I’ve mentioned, I have no aversion to ecchi anime, but it has to be done well. Qwaser was just… god awful. Sure, one can argue that all ecchi is merely pandering, but Qwaser truly relied on nothing else than gravity resistant titties. Even when the boobs were a plot point, somehow it still managed to work out as a hot mess. If this ‘soma’ is so powerful, where are the great battles to prove your point, hm?

That concludes my list of some of the shows I’ve really struggled with! There were a few more I haven’t mentioned, which you can see here, but this was just due to not being to remember a damn thing about them. Sorry!

What do you guys think of my list? Which shows I have been too hard on, and should give a second chance to? What shows did you think were unbearable? Let me know!

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Until next time!



8 thoughts on “The Bad, and the Ugly – Shows That I Just Could Not Finish.”

  1. Some controversial opinions for sure, but I respect that. Being able to identify when you don’t think you will enjoy an anime early on isn’t a bad approach to take I think. It’s one that I need to take at some point haha, I’ve sat through so many anime that just didn’t do anything for me.

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  2. Dude, you should take the Salty Anime Challenge and share more of your thoughts on this! I want to hear more!


  3. Well, I started to watch Qwaser and meh. Not sure what’s the deal is about it. I know why I wanted to watch it but it didn’t deliver enough. I watched Hatsukoi Monster to the end because Kanade’s dad is cute. It had its fun moments too but the girl whose name I’ve forgotten annoyed me to no end. I haven’t seen any of the other which surprises many. Many people almost take for granted that you have seen them all or at least most of them because “they are the best anime”.


  4. I had a similar idea recently to do this because I thought it might be a bit of fun (but it never happened because of life stuff haha) so reading yours certainly was interesting! I actually like it when people get controversial with anime everyone raves about because it makes me feel less weird when I don’t like something everyone else likes haha 😂 some like Clannad, Jojo and Code Geass are anime I still haven’t watched because I’m scared of the hype 😆 I also agree with Citrus! I managed to drag through it because I’m stubborn and was determined to finish it but you were right to drop it I think!

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