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NOTE:  This only includes characters from the games Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Super Danganronpa 2 and Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony. This will not include anime only characters, nor anyone who only appeared in Ultra Despair Girls. Sorry, not sorry.

Once again, this post will contain HUGE SPOILERS FOR ALL THREE GAMES. Proceed at your own risk.

Also, 2 bloggers now have bets on the order of my top 20! So let’s see how successful they’ll be…



Oh, Hiro. For all that I’ve complained about characters being useless…I have the biggest soft spot for Hiro. And quite honestly, I’m super surprised he survived. He is the dumbest Danganronpa character to date (which says a lot considering the size of the cast) but yet…I don’t find myself mad at him.  It’s rather endearing, actually. And why wouldn’t you want to be friends with a clairvoyant? I mean, a whole 20% accuracy rate? Wow! Who can deny those odds?



What a great case of looks can be deceiving. From glancing at Sakura, whilst you’d guess that she was the ultimate martial artist; you’d never guess she was also one of the cutest and most gentle characters in the first game. Whilst I was initially slightly wary of Sakura, too, there was really no need. Her presence for a while is minimal, acting mainly as a protector to Asahina, until chapter 4 where she becomes central to the plot (and to my emotions). Despite the reveal as a traitor, Sakura was true to her friends the entire time, and did everything with their well being at heart. It’s no wonder Asahina loved her so much – me too.



Protagonists are always difficult to write about in the case of Danganronpa. Mainly, because you’re the one controlling them, you only get one angle of their story. You’re almost skewed to either be very biased towards them, or find them boring, since you don’t get to delve into their backstory like with the rest of the characters. Shuichi, thankfully, escaped the boring trap, by being a pretty fun character. He was likeable, he owned up to his mistakes in trials (and wow did he make a lot of them), and delivered the right amount of sass when he needed to. In fact, Shuichi could’ve been a lot higher, if not for something that my friend pointed out to me, in which all of Shuichi’s actions appear to take place because ‘a girl was nice to him once’. Would he have been so motivated to stand up as the Ultimate Detective, had it not been for Kaede’s influence?



Ah, Chiaki. This probably comes as a surprise to some, since it’s rare that Chiaki is not in the top 10, or even the top 5 of most lists. I love her too, honestly. I’d want to be friends with her so she could totally trash me in every game we play. When it gets to this point in the list, it becomes difficult because everyone is so darn good. I much preferred Chiaki to be the sidekick to Hajime than Kyoko to Makoto. Chiaki just seemed so much more laidback, and real….

Except she isn’t! Plot twist. People joked that she seemed too much like the perfect waifu to be true, and you’d be right. Chiaki is an AI. How could it be, that an AI appears to be more human than the actual humans? After all, without Chiaki being there, it’s likely we would’ve seen the cast fall into despair a lot sooner than they did. But besides working as an incredible plot twist, and a great addition to the story – who DOESN’T love Chiaki after her free time events? It’s not difficult to see why Hajime was falling for her, she really is an Ultimate.



I’m already emotional starting off this post. I did not expect to love Gonta like I did, but come the end of the game, and I was ready to lay down my life for him. Like Sakura, despite his tough appearance, Gonta could not be any more gentle and kind. Whilst he was insistent that he was a gentleman, and would act as a gentleman should, he was always ready to fight when he needed to if it meant that he could save his friends and stop the killing game. Unfortunately, it’s ultimately this resolve to stop the killing game and his brute strength that lead to him being a murderer. Which in any other case would be a cause for a head shake, but…Gonta didn’t even know what he’d done wrong, due to the circumstances it happened under. If you could excuse me one moment, I’m choked up…again.



I’ll admit, I’m a hypocrite. I despise TeruTeru for his disgusting comments and advances, but I know Miu can be similar in her ways too. Miu’s mouth is as foul as they come, insulting everyone – friend or foe. Luckily for Miu, I liked the rest of her enough to let her off…just about. Whilst Miu doesn’t have any sort of redemption, and remains brash as always throughout the game, she is by no means a background character, nor is she unlikeable. She proves herself to be pretty useful in the investigations, coming up with inventions that often provide valuable evidence, despite maybe being less helpful in the trials themselves. Like everyone else, Miu just wants to end the killing game, even if she is hiding behind a big tough exterior. As we can see from her cute interactions with K1-B0, deep down she’s a softie.



Kokichi really, really splits people down the middle. Which I guess is expected, given that talent. How does one sympathise with a supreme evil Overlord? Well, perhaps when…he’s not so evil, after all.

When we first meet Kokichi, he already gives off the impression that he’s trouble. He’s harassing his classmate, he’s totally useless to the investigation and tries to derail trials at any given moment. If you thought dealing with Komaeda was a pain in the ass, you wouldn’t believe Kokichi. His ‘lies’ and ‘pranks’ go as far as to claim that he’s working with Monokuma, causing a murder and a huge rift in the group alongside it. But Kokichi wasn’t a villain. All he was, was the leader of a prank patrol, who thought that by sacrificing himself and tricking Monokuma, he’d save everyone. Which was done in vain, since no one gave a damn about this due to everything else he’d done. I love you though, Kokichi. Annoying as he is, he really was a fun character, who’s heart was in the right place and beating for his friends. And okay, what a cutie.



Ultimate Princess, indeed. When I first met Sonia, and her talent, I was a little unsure of how much I’d like her. Her gorgeous character design, the way she seemed rather demure, and her talent all screamed ‘generic waifu bait’ to me. Luckily, that was far from the case. Sonia is a treasure. Whilst she does possess all the great attributes of a Princess – leadership and smarts for a couple (which in turn lead to her actually being super helpful in both investigations and trials), she is also so…not what she appears. An obsession with serial killers? A tendency to throw around slang and swears that she doesn’t quite understand? A leaning towards dark arts? Oh my goodness, I love her? Despite being convinced that she was going to be a killer at some point, I was happy to be proved wrong, and ended up cheering for her every step of the way. She was a great morale booster to the team, and a great character overall. Plus, can I really talk about Sonia without mentioning her friendship with Gundham? Can you imagine two more different people? Adorable.



My original best girl, right here. And she stood the test of time well, for I still love her with every inch of my being. Hina is the happy, go lucky, morale booster of the team – similar to Sonia, except a lot more in your face. Sure, she can be a little dumb and useless, but I still loved having her around. She was a very human character, behaving how a lot of us would given the situation, which is letting her emotions run wild and acting rather irrationally. Her defining moment was in Chapter 4 after Sakura’s sacrifice, where she tearfully begged everyone to vote for her as the killer, believing that it was everyone else’s fault that her best friend was dead. Sure, not the brightest idea, but I can’t imagine that there aren’t a lot of us who would’ve acted in a similar manner. I also fell for her during her free time events – who doesn’t love donuts?!



Now, anyone who knows me, I know what you’re thinking. Keebo, NOT in my top 10?! What the hell. And you’re right to be surprised. Keebo was the first person I spoke to in the latest Danganronpa game, and I was absolutely obsessed with him immediately. His personality being a total contradiction to his appearance, his clueless comments about human nature…he made my heart hurt. A special shoutout to wannabe idol Keebo, because goodness me, bad singing and all, the AU’s are endless. However, after the events of the last chapter, my thoughts on Keebo are…confused. He acted as the ultimate hope, yes. He did what he thought was right to end the killing game, yes. But when you find out that Keebo was nothing more than a vessel for the audience to watch through and participate with the killing game themselves, it raises a lot of questions. Robots aren’t human (no robophobia!), but can I really be so attached to someone who is entirely fabricated from audience votes? Apparently yes, as he still just misses out on a top spot, but it did change some things.

Phew, 10 more to go! The next post should come a lot quicker, since now we’re in ‘I WOULD DIE FOR YOU’ territory. But who will take the top spot?

Let me know your predictions!

Until next time!



  1. I’m so happy to see someone else who doesn’t rate Chiaki as one of the absolute greatest characters in the series. I’d personally rate her lower, but I’m happy with this outcome nonetheless. I also love that Gunham still hasn’t appeared, same with Ibuki. I do appreciate Miu being fairly high as well, as I feel like she gets too much hate from some people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, I think you’ll be pleased with their positions, by the sounds of things! Who are your favourite characters?
      Miu was a riot. People call her mean, but she still did her part to help out in every investigation. God knows what Rantaro’s trial would’ve been like without her help.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My favourites from 1 are: Sakura, Toko, and Byakuya
        2: Gundham, Ibuki, Nagito, and Hajime (who I’m extremely happy you haven’t put on yet, he’s my favourite protagonist)
        V3: Kokichi, Rantaro, Ryoma, Korekiyo.
        So essentially, from 1, my favourites are ranked decently, from 2, absolute landslide, and V3, I have very different opinions. In any case, despite different opinion, I find this list to be extremely well constructed


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