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I’m back with ranking my favourite murderers from the absolute worst, to the very cream of the crop.

NOTE:  This only includes characters from the games Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Super Danganronpa 2 and Danganronpa v3: Killing Harmony. This will not include anime only characters, nor anyone who only appeared in Ultra Despair Girls. Sorry, not sorry.

Once again, this post will contain HUGE SPOILERS FOR ALL THREE GAMES. Proceed at your own risk.



I know that this is a controversial placing. Everyone I know seems to really love Touka, ranking her in the top half of the list. Unfortunately, if it wasn’t for her Genocider Shou personality, she may have found herself even lower down the list. In her Touka form, Touka reminded me a lot of Mikan without the unnecessary fanservice: dull, with a horrible victim complex. It was even worse in Touka’s case, since she didn’t even have the reasoning Mikan did. Thankfully, I love her Genocider side. It adds a necessary kick to her character, and the interactions she shares with Togami in her Genocider side provide some of the best comedy in the first game. I guess that makes her a yandere, too…unfortunately for Touka, if she could just lose the mask and constantly be a mass murderer, I’d actually like her a lot more.



Tenko is a badass. People gave her a lot of slack for her act – her ‘degenerate male’ hatred may alienate a portion of the Danganronpa fanbase. However, Tenko proved time and time again that she was more than that. Tenko provided hope to members of the group, particularly Himiko, and continued to motivate Himiko and the rest of the group even after her death. I found Tenko a little grating sometimes, which is why she didn’t rank as high as she could’ve. Her relentless refusal to listen sometimes when it went against her optimism was no fun, but maybe if she’d been around a little longer, we could’ve seen some improvement.



Makoto is a pretty strange case. We play as him for an entire game, we should technically know more about him than anyone else. And yet, I found him to be so…boring? Maybe it’s recency bias, but it appears that in terms of fun, every other Danganronpa protagonist has served as far more interesting. Don’t get me wrong, Makoto isn’t a bad character. Of course, he was crucial to the plot of Danganronpa 1 (+ 2), but I can’t help but think that he’d be better suited to a supporting character role rather than the main character. Maybe looking at him from an outsider perspective, I might’ve found him a little more interesting. That being said, he provided a lot of very cute Free Time Events – so at least everyone in game liked him enough!



I’m not going to sit here and pretend my interest in Rantaro wasn’t initially piqued because of his design. He’s easily the best looking male character Danganronpa has ever had. But how does his character hold up? Well. Remember how I said Makoto could’ve been a great supporting character? In this case, I think Rantaro could’ve been a great protagonist in another game. Though we initially know nothing about Rantaro, once we learn ~the truth~ later in the game, all doors fly open for the possibility of a prequel with Rantaro as a protagonist. His character – from the brief look we got at it, seemed as if it has potential to create some very interesting plot points in the death. And hell, his death managed to do that too. In this ranking, Rantaro’s downfall was that we lost him a little too soon.



Oh, the excitement of finally having a female protagonist! I can’t wait to see if this changes the games dyn- wait what?! You thought, and then before you know it, you, the MC is dead. Poor Kaede. Her death wasn’t wasted, of course. Kaede was the first domino in a series that set off all the events in Danganronpa v3. So, credit where credit is due. Still, it would’ve been great to see a lot more of her, similar to Rantaro’s case. Kaede, to me, didn’t seem like she could be trusted all that much, despite the rest of the cast’s thoughts. I know that if she was a supporting character, I don’t think I would’ve actually liked her very much. However, as a protagonist, it was fun to play as an unreliable narrator, putting Kaede in the middle of my rankings.



How controversial. Somehow, everyone’s waifu just…didn’t resonate with me like she did with others. I know Danganronpa is a murder mystery game, and I appreciate that the idea is to solve the mystery. However, with Kyoko…whilst her help was very much appreciated, I didn’t feel like I was playing the game rather than being spoonfed everything. She just seems far too overpowered (for lack of better word) for her own good. Despite all of this, Kyoko still makes for a genuinely interesting character. Her backstory provides a great explanation for why she is what she is, as well as the happenings of Hope’s Peak in themselves. Plus…come on. Her interactions with Makoto are one of the greatest things in the first game. Interpret it as platonic or romantic, it still stands as one of the warmest aspects of a pretty cold-hearted game.



Ah, Nekomaru. He actually started out as one of my favourites in the game. And I didn’t dislike him by the end either…but I guess I started liking everyone else a little more. Still, Nekomaru’s presence was acknowledged and appreciated. His optimism about everything kept strong throughout the game, preventing everyone from falling into complete despair. He was also a great source of comedic relief when it was needed, also (shit jokes continue to be funny, who knew?), but managed to do so gracefully and stepped back when needed. On top of that, despite his tough exterior, Nekomaru provided some of the most emotional moments in Danganronpa 2. His interactions with Akane proved to be both adorable and tragic. Add in his backstory – which got a few sniffles out of me, and we have a pretty great character. It’s a pity Danganronpa 2 had such a strong cast..



For a character with the title of the ‘Ultimate Maid’, I was pleasantly surprised that Kirumi’s character had minimal fanservice, and actually served to be rather interesting in regards to the main plot. I initially adored Kirumi’s design (I still do), which had me excited to meet her in the story, which I was not disappointed by. Not only did she prove to be quite useful in trials (and to the group in general), but when it came to her Killing Game credentials…she didn’t hold back either. In fact, I think Kirumi’s murder plan was one of the most brutal we’ve seen in the Danganronpa series. AND AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH…She’s actually the Prime Minister all along? If there was ever a girl not to mess with, I can safely say it’s Kirumi.



I’m not entirely sure why I like Togami so much. The guy was a complete ass to me in the main plot, and didn’t exactly treat me like a friend in the Free Time Events either. That being said, I really did enjoy Togami’s presence. Like Nekomaru, he served as much needed comic relief – even if one did it through kindness and the other through being an absolute wanker. Still, his love/hate relationship with Touka provided some memorable moments, as well as his snide side comments during trials. Speaking of during trials, I was grateful to Togami for his role in trials, as one of the only people who seemed to have a clue what was going on. But unlike Kyoko, he didn’t appear too overbearing, and took on his role as a supporting character. We have to love an asshole sometimes.



Sweet Chihiro. The first time I cried due to Danganronpa was Chihiro reasons. He’s just…so inoffensive, it’s impossible to actively dislike him. Now, as we all know, Chihiro is actually a guy, despite his appearance. Not only did this serve as a major twist in the game, but also one of the main reasons I love Chihiro so much. Not because he’s a ‘trap’ (which is a horrible term, for the record). Chihiro chose to dress like he did because he was concerned that he did not look tough enough to be a male. However, Chihiro proved that he didn’t need to be physically strong to show that he was tough, and refused to let his secret sink him into despair. Chihiro is essentially the perfect example of a morally ‘good’ character, and whilst he lived on through Alter-Ego (and in DR2, also) it’s a pity that we couldn’t find all of this out BEFORE he died.



Celeste was definitely the first character in the first game to catch my eye. Just look at her design. Absolutely stunning.  And of course, as the Ultimate Gambler, she was one to watch. Who else to suspect, than the one who can perfect a poker face? You already suspect her as a killer – and lo and behold, she doesn’t disappoint! I could’ve really loved and forgiven her had she not killed one of my favourite characters, but I’m trying to be impartial to that here. Celeste wasn’t a boring character by any means, and whilst she wasn’t particularly likeable, that didn’t make me dislike her. She was a master manipulator – as she proved in her manipulation of Hifumi, and proved to be cold to the end when her motive was revealed. But at least her execution warmed her up..heh.



I’m not sure why I liked Mondo so much. He wasn’t particularly fleshed out; he murdered Chihiro for pretty petty reasons…and yet, somehow. I seem to have developed a huge soft spot for him. Part of it is his friendship with Taka, which was just so pure, that it was difficult not to smile when the two of them shared the screen. But also, despite his tough looks, like Nekomaru, he’s really all soft under all of that leather. He said himself that he was sick of breaking things, and once he escaped Hope’s Peak he wanted to be someone that could fix things instead. I wish that somehow, we could’ve had some redemption for Mondo for his actions (though his speech before his execution proved upsetting enough), but at least we got some delicious butter out of his death.

That’s part 2 done…and now we’re in the top 20! Wow! Nearly done!

Have you seen your favourite character yet? Who do you think you’ll see in the top 10?

Until next time!



  1. I really liked Rantaro and Kaede! I couldn’t believe Kaede ended up like that! But I was glad to learn about the truth regarding her case by the end of V3 though it’s still heartbreaking for me. Oh, and I’d really love to see Rantaro as a protagonist! It’s really too bad he was gone so soon. (Btw, Shukichi <3)


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