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30 Days of Anime: Day 22


These questions sure are getting harder! Luckily, this one wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I can see my answer now.


At first glance I waa like ‘huh’ with this question. I didn’t really think that I paid any attention to weapons or armor, so how could I pick one to write an essay about? Fortunately for me…



I don’t think I need to reiterate how incredible Full Metal Alchemist is, everyone already knows. It’s one of, if not the most loved anime in the world for good reason – it is literally just that good. But goodness me, if the armor and fights don’t make the show twice as badass.

Ed, who is the fullmetal alchemist (and he won’t let you forget it!) lost his arm and leg when going too far playing with the laws of alchemy. In order to bring his brother’s soul back from the beyond, he traded his arm and his leg. This resulted in him having new ones built out of automail, which you see before you.

The backstory alone makes Ed’s automail one of my favourite things. It serves as a constant visual reminder to both the audience and Ed himself that no matter how amazing alchemy may seem – and it definitely has its moments throughout the series, it is not to be taken lightly.

But aside from the fact Ed’s automail looks badass, and makes his character memorable (as if he wasn’t already), when he pairs it with his alchemy – WOW. It makes him a pretty incredible fighter. Ed is already has powers head and shoulders above everybody else – he is the youngest ever State Alchemist after all. But combined with the fact he’s half metal? Wew. No wonder he managed to beat God himself.

What’s your favourite piece of gear in anime? I’d love to know some more awesome fights!

Until next time!

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