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30 Days of Anime: Day 21


Now, if there’s one character type I love more than a bishounen, it’s a goofy character. A lot of the shows I watch either lean towards very dark tones (where comic relief is desperately needed), or revolve around gags. So as a big fan, I have a lot of characters to pick from! But just one? Huh…




I just realised, for one of my favourite shows ever, I haven’t talked about Soul Eater once yet. Gasp. A big part of the reason that I fell in love with Soul Eater was the fact that I simultaneously fell in love with Kid. With a name like ‘Death the Kid’, the son of Shinigami (the God of Death), he doesn’t exactly fit the template for goofy. From that description alone, you’d paint him as a ruthless killer, I’m sure.

And, I mean. He totally could be. As long as everything is symmetrical whilst doing so. Yeah, you heard me right. Kid is a strong and smart fighter, but the moment something loses symmetry, he loses his mind. He’ll go as far as to throw a fight, in order to keep the peace and not ruin the symmetry of the setting he’s in.

Don’t you love when your hair mat- oh, no.

Poor thing. And to top it off, he can never rest easy, since his own hair does not have perfect symmetry. Oh, and his weapons are actually two unidentical sisters. Let him live in peace, please.


Despite Kid’s main goofy shtick being his symmetrical woes, he avoids being a one-trick pony by being a pretty great character outside of just gags. Of course, he’s great at being goofy – his deadpan delivery of all of his jokes always has me in pieces, too. But Kid is more than just a gag character, which a lot of comedy characters fall into the trap of.

His life outside of Death Academy is actually pretty intense – as expected of someone who will someday inherit the throne as the God of Death, which makes for an interesting storyline. Not to mention, whilst Kid has his fair share of light hearted moments, the scenes where he fights shows that he’s definitely not somebody to under-estimate.

Who’s your favourite goofy anime character? Do they have unsymmetrical features? Would they make Kid cry if he had to fight them?

Until next time!


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