30 Days of Anime: Day 20



Oh, this is easy. I didn’t even need to think about it, I hate this guy so much that my blood boils at the mention of his name.



It’s not even that he’s a villain, he is just unbearably annoying and a god-awful person. If you by some miracle, have never seen Death Note, allow me to give you a brief rundown. Light goes from pompous, average high school MC-Kun to absolutely insufferable after finding a notebook on the floor. Except this notebook is kind of special, as anyone who finds their name written inside it will die.

God, where do I begin? I know the reasons I list will be the reasons that people love him, but bear with me. I’ll put it out there that even though I think Light is despicable, I don’t hate his character in any way. He is an incredibly well written character, and is impressive as far as villains are concerned. Unfortunately, because he’s such a good villain, I hate his ass even more.

Light goes from someone who ultimately has…good intentions (kind of), albeit messed up, to someone who is a cold, unemphatic  sociopath. He loses sight of what he planned to do with the Death Note, alongside losing his mind, truly pushing him to the point of no return. The worst part is, if he stayed as calculating as he had been, before he let the power go to his head – he could’ve won. Unfortunately for him (but fortunately for me, bye Light!), he made far too many mistakes – which ultimately led to his demise.

The things that annoyed me the most are honestly unrelated to the Death Note, though. Even when he wasn’t planning to kill them, he was a piece of shit to everyone around him unless he deemed them to be as perfect as he supposedly was. Look at the way he treats Misa. Sure, she’s a little grating, but she didn’t deserve to be stuck in an, almost Joker/Harley Quinn style relationship with that narcissist. Then again, did anyone deserve the treatment Light gave them? Light was aware that L was on his case, but maybe if he didn’t act like such a shifty tool, L would’ve had less reason to suspect him. L was a genius, correct. But as was Light. He definitely could’ve kept him off his case (though his plan was always going to lead to L’s demise), but his pride just couldn’t handle it.


We miss you, angel

Of course, I dislike Light for the reason that he killed L, too. Don’t we all? But I feel like it’s unfair to write off his character just for that. It was pretty crucial for L to die in order for the story to progress…even if we got some pretty useless detectives in his place. Sigh.

Still, I guess it’s not all bad. Sure, he’s a piece of shit on the bottom of my shoe. But at least I can rest easy, knowing that he died no better than the scum he was trying to rid the Earth of, even if he didn’t know it himself. Plus, we got this wonderful moment from him:

Who is your least favourite anime character ever? Do you think Light Yagami did nothing wrong?

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime: Day 20”

  1. Poor Light – no I get what you mean, he isn’t a nice person and wasn’t even before he found a note book that could kill people. I still like him as a character in the show but I definitely wouldn’t want to meet someone like Light in real life.


  2. I like Light. It’s not easy being smarter than most people. I don’t think he was a nasty person to begin with, I just think he was uninterested in people over all. Playing god can probably make just about anybody get that despicable and twisted.

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    1. Oh, yeah. Too much power and not enough authority can really make someone crazy. He was terrible, though. Although, definitely rightfully deserves his votes as a legendary anime character.


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