30 Days of Anime: Day 19


Wow, am I seriously nearly finished with this challenge? Only 11 days left! Luckily, there’s still some pretty frustrating choices – like this one.


It’s hard to narrow it down to just one…but I’ll try. MAJOR HUNTER x HUNTER (2011) SPOILERS.

I know I said I was trying not to use Hunter x Hunter anymore, but it’s my favourite anime ever for a reason. There are so many incredible, epic scenes. I was pretty much catching my breath every other episode.

However, the one that remains etched into my mind, and probably will for years to come is in Episode 131.

Gon is out for revenge again the Chimera Ant, Neferpitou for murdering his friend and link to his father, Kite. But this is no ordinary showdown. I mean…I’ll explain later. Just watch this.

I mean. Just look at that thumbnail. You thought you knew Gon, right?


That little ray of sunshine? Cutie patootie? Uh…yeah. Not anymore. That Gon is dead. Gon used up every inch of his life force (known in the Hunter x Hunter universe as ‘nen’) and transferred it into raw power. The result?

Gon-San. Also known as the most powerful being on the planet (more powerful than the Chimera Ant King, the most powerful being known at that time). Hell, his power was so much he aged 20 years. His muscles are as thick as 6 of my bodies lined up next to one another. Hell, HIS ARM GETS RIPPED OFF, and he just picks it up like it was nothing. It was so powerful in fact, that it has left Gon unable to use his nen to fight ever again in the future. A worthwhile sacrifice? Only time will tell, but with Gon’s potential increasing more and more, I have no fear that this will be the end.

Not only is this scene incredible just for the sheer ‘Did that just happen?!’ factor of it, but I really love all the effort put into the scene. The soundtrack during Gon’s transformation and during the fight, which switches to a tender ‘Hyori Ittai’ (in ENG: Two Sides of the Same Coin) when Killua comes to Gon’s rescue, fully aware that this could spell the end for his first, and best friend.


Aside from that, the voice acting in the scene is astounding. If I recall correctly, Gon was the VA, Han Megumi’s first ever acting gig, and she truly blew it out of the court. So much emotion was shown in the scene, it makes it almost difficult to process that Gon in fact, is not a real person. Whilst I knew long before that Hunter x Hunter was going to be special to me, this scene really solidified that it goes far beyond being ‘good in its genre’, but truly a work of art to be reckoned with.

What is the most epic anime scene for you? How terrifying is Gon-San? What do you think his future holds?

Until next time!


P.S – No one asked, but GOSH, I cannot wait for the hiatus of the HxH manga to end next week! Hiatus x Hiatus no more!!

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