30 Days of Anime: Day 18


If there’s one truth I’ve found out about myself whilst doing this challenge, it’s that apparently I’ve never liked an MC-Kun in my life. Every character I love is a supporting character, which makes today’s question so, so difficult. However, I have a clearer answer than I do yesterday!

Do you have a moment to talk about the Axis Cult?




The freak out Queen herself, and apparently everyone’s worst girl, I absolutely adore Aqua. I mean, I wouldn’t want her in my party (and clearly Kazuma doesn’t either), but you know. I appreciate her from afar.

Aqua is underrated, in my opinion. When people hear ‘Konosuba’ the first person that springs to mind is Megumin, 99% of the time. Which is understandable, Megumin is definitely adorable. But Konosuba is a comedy, and at least 90% of those gags come from Aqua. She completely throws away her facade of being a cool, gorgeous deity to be…an absolutely awful human being. She won’t heal you unless you bargain with her, she’ll belittle her party (especially Kazuma) without any provocation, and to top it off she has a serious spending problem paired with chronic alcoholicism. Ouch. What’s not to love, right?


As I mentioned, Aqua to me is the reason Konosuba is so damn funny. I have to give props to her VA for going above and beyond with her, particularly for this scene (which had me in stitches):

Not only that, but despite describing her as somewhat malicious…she’s actually a huge softie, and when anything comes to bite her in the ass (which is every time), she’ll be right there grovelling and apologising, even if it is just to keep people worshipping her as a goddess. And she does help too, from time to time. Unfortunately for her, just because you CAN help…well. Her actions speak louder than my words.

Plus, Studio Deen animation and all – Aqua’s design is adorable. To an outsider, she really does look like a pure, magical girl. Her party are probably crying at the thought. And the Axis cult, too.


Who is your favourite supporting female? Or your favourite Konosuba character? Let me know!

Until next time!


P.S – Eris pads her chest, but you didn’t hear that here.

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