[AWARD] The Unique Blogger Award!

No way. This is my second award nomination now, and I’m so happy that someone is not only reading, but enjoying my posts! Thank you so much to Fueled by Smiling for nominating me! I adore reading their posts, which are always filled with such positivity, and a refreshing outlook on anime.



  1. Display the award!
  2. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. (Try and include a little bit of promotion!)
  3. Answer the questions they’ve written for you!
  4. Nominate 8-13 bloggers and give them three questions in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity within our blogging family!

Fueled by Smiling’s Questions

1. You’re working on a blog post that will change your blog’s future. With this post, your blog will instantly gain thousands of new followers and become the top blog in the world. As you’re doing your final edits, your printer starts up and prints the following words. “Help me!” You ignore it, because that’s some occult nonsense that you don’t want to be involved in. Five minutes pass and your blog is ready to go. All you have to do is hit submit. Before you get the chance to do that your printer starts up again with another message, “You’re Next!” The white pages starts turning red and a girl with long black hair starts to look back at you. Not just look at you, but it also looks like the more pages that print the closer she’s getting. Freaky. So here’s question 1, do you hit submit, try to get the rest of the paper out of your printer before this weird ghost lady can get any closer to you, or do something else?

Strangely enough, despite being a huge horror fan, I’m actually a huge baby. Everything scares me. I’d rather be an unknown blogger to a small audience for the rest of my life than have anything like that even slightly near me. Because of this, my printer would be out of the window faster than you can even type the word ‘blog’.

2. The lights in your room turn off and on and you start hearing laughter. Not just any kind of laughter, but it sounds like kids with a gurgling sound. Gulughahahahah Gulughahahahaha gulug gulug hahahahaha. There’s no one else at home and you’re all alone. It is the day time though, so you could always go outside….it’s just that, it’s Canada and it’s -20 but feels like -39 with the windchill at the moment. It’s also super bright out, which just makes it even worse. The sun makes you feel like it should be warm, but the wind hits your face and everything just freezes. Then, because you have dry eyes, you start tearing up the moment the wind decides to blow your way and that makes you even colder, because cold air and water are not a good mix….oh, sorry. That’s just how it is for me at the moment. *sigh* So how is the weather like where you live? And what’s your favourite season?

God, what a plot twist. I love how these questions are written, and having spent the winter in Saskatchewan, I can relate to the windchill. Paris is super gray right now. It’s not cold, by any stretch, but it’s definitely miserable. If you’d asked me before Canada, my favourite season would be Winter, because of Christmas. Times have changed, though, and I’m happy in the Summer.

3. Weather, it’s the number one thing that we Canadians like to talk/complain about. But you don’t need to worry about that, because those ghost children are still laughing and it’s been getting louder and louder, the lights are still flickering, only this time it seems to be in rhythm of something, and the printer is now printing wet dark hair. At this point, I think it’s safe to say that you can’t escape this. Sorry. But before that whole thing happens there is one thing I’d like to know, “What is your favourite food combination that most people would think is weird?”

Well. It was nice knowing you all! For the most part, I think my favourite food combos are pretty standard…until I explain them to literally anyone else. The tastiest (but probably the weirdest?) is cream crackers topped with barbecue sauce and tandoori seasoning. I personally think it’s delicious…

Writing about myself is difficult, but these questions were entertaining! How do I live up to that?!

I think most of the bloggers I would nominate have been nominated, so I can only nominate a few – sorry!

My questions:

1. The entire world is watching a battle to the death of some of anime’s biggest shounen protagonists: Luffy, Naruto, LeLouch and Edward Elric. You’ve bet your entire life savings on someone to win – but who?

2. What food does everyone think is delicious, but you believe to be vile?

3. What anime were you most excited to watch, only to be let down at how little you enjoyed it?

My nominees go to:

Thank you so much, and until next time!

4 thoughts on “[AWARD] The Unique Blogger Award!”

  1. hehe, I loved your answers. You’re the second person to mention barbecue sauce for the last question. I wonder if that’s a thing.


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