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30 Days of Anime: Day 15


Oh, this should be easy! I don’t see animal sidekicks as often as I’d like, actually. However, I already know exactly who I’m going to talk about. Also – hooray! I made it to the halfway point!


I’ll admit, I haven’t finished this show yet (I’m on Episode 300, though how can anyone finish something that goes on FOREVER?!) but yet, my favourite animal sidekick is TonyTony Chopper from One Piece!


Now, now. Chopper is more than just a sidekick, darn it. He’s a fully fledged Doctor for the Straw Hats, he’s an awesome fighter…and he’s overall best boy. Monkey D. Who? But for the sake of this question, I am acknowledging that, yes, he is a reindeer.

Chopper was love at first meeting for me. Not only does he have the cutest look in the entire One Piece universe (Seriously, would you ever believe that he’s a wanted pirate?!), but as soon as we meet Chopper, we are given his backstory. I’ve mentioned before that I cry at an awful lot of anime, but I was not prepared to tear up so much at the story of a reindeer who ate a funky fruit. I was howling, literally inconsolable.

God, ME TOO.

Naturally, Chopper’s backstory gave me incentive to back him from the beginning. But good characters should be more than their backstory, which luckily, Chopper is. He proves himself to be more than just a mascot to the Straw Hats time and time again with his loyalty and of course, being able to kick ass when the situation calls for it. Not to mention, comic relief is important in the pirates life, and Chopper is the perfect source.

This post is making me miss Chopper, I should pick up One Piece again soon. Only 500 episodes to go to catch up! *nervous laughter*

Who’s your favourite animal sidekick and why? Let me know in the comments below, I’m a big fan of anyone and anything fluffy. ^^

Until next time!


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