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[FIRST IMPRESSIONS] Winter 2018: Citrus, Kokkoku, Sanrio Danshi, Gakuen Babysitters, Ito Junji Collection, Killing Bites and Beatless.

Welcome to my First Impressions post for Winter 2018! I was originally going to write this a little earlier, but since some of the shows I planned on watching aired a little later than I anticipated…here we are. I’ve seen at least the first episode of all the shows I planned on watching, but did they impress?



Ah, Citrus. The most talked about show before the season started, and is keeping its title as it airs also. Unfortunately, whilst the show got hype for being a rare Yuri show, the talking point may not be so positive anymore. My major gripe with Citrus is the way they’re presenting the relationship. I mean. They’re not seriously trying to act like a tsundere forcing herself on someone is cute, and not rape, right? I don’t care if they want to treat it as ‘hard to get’ or ‘confused feelings’, the fact that a relationship that begins like this is going to blossom into an actual romance really rubs me the wrong way. I really like the main character, Yuzu, though, which will probably be my reason for hanging onto this show for a little longer. As it stands at the moment, all of the other aspects – including the other characters, animation, and the opening leave a lot to be desired.



Wow. Consider me surprised in the best way. You may remember in my initial post about Winter 2018 that I was excited for Kokkoku, despite not really knowing what to expect. But my expectations – whatever they may have been – have definitely been exceeded. Seriously, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen the entire time. For a somewhat unknown studio – what was their budget?! Even their trademark stamp at the beginning of the anime was flashy as hell. Not to mention the animation of a….monster? Thing? I have no idea yet, but my interest is piqued. Plus, the opening is really jazzy. I’m expecting great things from Kokkoku if they can keep the direction they’re currently heading in clear and steady.



If Pierrot wanted me to buy Sanrio merchandise, this was definitely the way to do it. We don’t get enough Cute Boys Doing Cute Things shows, so thank you to Sanrio Danshi for not only existing, but actually being pretty good! Not only am I liking the character designs (and it’s always nice to have some fluff when my favourite show of the season looks to be quite dark so far), but I’m enjoying the message delivered alongside the obvious advertisement. The show seems to say ‘Who cares about stereotypes? You love what you love’, a message that isn’t really shouted as much as it should be. I’ll most likely be hanging on to this until the end of the season, but please don’t let me down, Pierrot.



Two cute boys doing cute things shows in one season?! I’m being spoilt. But goodness, Gakuen Babysitters is adorable, if not just because it has the added bonus of cute babies alongside cute boys. I adore the designs of each of the babies – not only did it add a unique look to the show, it also gave each one of them a distinct personality. Giving personality to someone who can barely walk or talk is difficult, but Gakuen Babysitters managed it. Another thing I really liked is that it showed itself to be a bit more than just a show about cute boys, when it managed to turn the emotions up to 11 during the final moments of the last episode. A show of bishounens and heartfelt moments? Don’t mind if I do…



As a huge fan of horror, this was probably my most anticipated title of the season. Anime horror is rarely truly scary, but Junji Ito is pretty much a master of the genre. To be honest, the first episode was…lackluster, to say the least. Maybe it was the stories they chose not really being great introductions to a horror anthology, maybe it was the traditional Studio Deen animation…but I wasn’t impressed. Luckily, episode 2 has me feeling a little bit more optimistic about the series. The first story was actually quite unsettling, and whilst the animation still isn’t stellar…maybe scary animation can add to the horror vibe? Nonetheless, I’ll keep my hopes up, for the scariest stories (Tomie!!!) are yet to be adapted.



I don’t know why I went into this with any expectations at all. My expectations were low, and Killing Bites just about met them. Honestly, the only thing that separates this from any other seasonal battle ecchi is that they didn’t censor tits. Otherwise this is pretty…bland so far. I’ll probably try and hold out until at least the halfway point, but it’s really nothing special. Also, if the guys can transform completely into beasts, why can’t the girls? Is there an unwritten rule, awareness of cosplayers or something?



I’m disappointed. I’m struggling to write a first impressions post, because I can’t actually remember what happened. The show seemed so promising from its synopsis, and the concept art! I expected something different…and yet, I got something so generic I can’t actually recall a single event that happened. Huh. I’ll try my best, but this seems like an almost certain drop if it doesn’t pick up.

Based on the first episode, my ranking so far is probably:

  1. Kokkoku/Sanrio Danshi
  2. Gakuen Babysitters
  3. Ito Junji: Collection
  4. Citrus
  5. Killing Bites
  6. Beatless

We’ll see how much this alters by the end of the season!

What are you all thinking of the new Winter season? Are there any shows that I should’ve watched, but missed out on?

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “[FIRST IMPRESSIONS] Winter 2018: Citrus, Kokkoku, Sanrio Danshi, Gakuen Babysitters, Ito Junji Collection, Killing Bites and Beatless.”

  1. I still haven’t gotten around to the first episode of Kokkoku. I’ll have to do that this week because from what I’ve read it looks interesting. I’ve decided to pass on Citrus and I don’t have access to Killing Bites (as far as I know) but I am currently following the other shows on your list. Not sure how long Sanrio Boys will last, but it was a cute enough start.


    1. I’m cautious about Sanrio Boys because I /know/ it’s pandering, but at the same time I’m sucked in. Kokkoku is doing a great job of being the horror anime of the season, which is great since Junji Ito wasn’t as scary as anticipated.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I managed to watch the first two episodes of Kokkoku earlier today. Not sure about being horror but it is doing mystery okay at the moment.


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