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30 Days of Anime: Days 13 AND 14

Oops! Sorry for the delay, and ruining my New Years resolution of posting every day. I got a little busy yesterday and didn’t think to write in advance, duh. Today I’ll be writing both days of the challenge, as well as (finally) writing my First Impressions post for Winter 2018! Stay tuned!



This is, really, REALLY difficult. Truth be told, I almost don’t have an answer for this. A lot of the appeal for characters, for me, is when they’re totally different to me. If I look at my number 1 and 2 female characters, I like them so much because they’re not part of the reality I live in. That’s what we turn to fiction for in the first place, right? Nonetheless, I’ve sat and thought about this for a while and I’ve…just about got an answer.



I always wondered why I liked Yamaguchi so much. He doesn’t serve the biggest role for Karasuno, has little screentime – he is the definition of a supporting character. And yet, he’s easily my best boy not only on the Karasuno team, but in the entire Haikyuu!! universe. I think I somewhat saw a bit of myself in him. He’s filled with a lot of doubt all the time, even though he’s quite clearly talented in what he does, but the doubt leads to anxiety which can then damage his surroundings too. Nonetheless, he persists, and sees the results he deserves – similar to every situation I go through, ever, when I think that it’s all too damn difficult and I’m not good enough. He will also always hold back his own worries and fears to help his friends confront their own, a quality I believe I possess too. So yeah, me and Yamaguchi would get along well.


There’s only been a few anime that I’ve gone back and watched multiple times, but my favourites are definitely comedies, where the jokes still hit as hard as they did the first time. I guess the best for that is definitely….


Everything you see about this show is 100% in context.

I’ll preface by saying that I’m still on season 2 of Gintama, at about episode 215. However, I still find myself going back and watching older episodes of Gintama with tears streaming down my face and aching sides. There really is no show quite like it. Gintama is merciless. It makes fun of everything and everyone – and I love it. It’s difficult to seriously write about a show that doesn’t take itself seriously – how do you explain scenes like this to people?


Totally in context, again. But that’s what I love so much about it. It doesn’t try to make any sense. Gintama embraces the stereotype of ‘bonkers anime’, and the fact they embraced it is what made it work so well, and become as successful as it is today. A special mention has to be given to Gintama’s voice actors, too. My favourite ever scene in Gintama (so far) would be nowhere near as funny if the voice actors behind Gintama weren’t absolutely perfect. As it is, they nailed the scene perfectly, and resulted in me having to pause the show from laughing so hard.

Whilst comedy is indeed subjective, for me at least, Gintama ticks off all the right boxes for what I want out of a comedy show, and I know that I can watch an old episode whenever I please and laugh as hard as I did the first time.


What shows have you guys watched over and over? And do you find any similarities in anime characters for you, too?

Until next time!


5 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime: Days 13 AND 14”

  1. I have never seen Gintama, although I have heard a lot about it, but after reading this it seems like I should. So thank you for this!


    1. You’re welcome! I’d skip over the first 5 episodes at first (non canon tone setting intro), as they can be quite hard for newcomers, but once you get in the swing of things, I hope you don’t regret it 🙂

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