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30 Days of Anime: Day 12



Dear Lord. As someone who cries at essentially everything, regardless of whether it’s actually sad or not, this question has endless possibilities. In fact, when I was looking at which scene made me cry the hardest, it seemed to me like I probably cry at more anime than I do not cry at. Perhaps I should preface this with a big fat spoiler warning for HOTARUBI NO MORI E.

I thought long and hard about which scene I cried at the most, until I settled on this. For someone who mostly steers clear of romance anime, consider my heart torn in two.


“Come here, Hotaru. I can finally touch you”

Even the GIF is making me choke up a little. If a movie can evoke such a strong attachment to characters in just under an hour, to me, that’s the sign of something truly great. I’ll do my best to write this without smudging my make up down my face.

Hotarubi no Mori E (trans. Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light) is quite unique, in terms of our main couple, Gin and Hotaru. When they are first introduced, Hotaru is 6 years old, whilst Gin is an immortal spirit of the forest in a fox mask. They develop a strong and pure friendship, with Hotaru coming to visit Gin every Summer, and Gin waiting eagerly all year round for Hotaru to visit him once more. It’s lonely being a spirit, I’m sure.

In the scarf Hotaru gave him, in case spirits get cold.

But as Hotaru grows, so do their feelings. Which would be perfect in every other situation. But did I forget the impossible condition of their friendship? Gin can never touch a human being. If Gin ever touches a human, or they touch him, he will disappear forever. Can you imagine never being able to feel the touch of the person you love? Their relationship was doomed from the start, but they managed pretty well…for a while.

The tears are prickling…

And then…the worst happens. And it’s not even down to Hotaru. Gin stops a boy from falling over, a boy that he believed to be a spirit. And well…we all knew it was going to happen eventually, but when it actually did happen…


As a side note, I just want to add how gorgeous the animation in this scene was. Despite the worst event possible happening, it still looked beautiful. Which was fitting for Gin and Hotaru’s relationship, I suppose. Love can blossom in the most unlikely situations, but in these situations it’s important to remember that it can be fleeting. Almost like the fireflies that come from Gin as he fades away. I don’t know which bit killed me more: seeing Hotaru cry for the one love that is truly lost for good, or the fact that Gin and Hotaru finally got to touch each other, and Hotaru was the last human Gin felt before he disappeared. I can’t use the word died, it’s too final, and I’m still in denial.


So this movie lasted 45 minutes, and I cried for approximately an hour after that. It’s gonna be hard to beat that for sadness, to be honest. And yet, I still find myself rewatching this every few months. Why do I hurt myself like this?

What moment made you guys cry the most? Let me know in the comments below! I probably cried too.

Until next time!


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