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30 Days of Anime: Day 11

Aaah. It’s nice to be home. I’m about to settle down to finish watching the trainwreck School Days – expect a review that doesn’t hold back very soon. For now though, a post I’m actually pretty excited to write, since it involves one of my very favourites!



This was infinitely easier than the fighter anime question of yesterday. For one, I’ve only ever seen 3 mech anime, and I only enjoyed 2 of them. So my pool of choices is significantly smaller. However, out of the two, one of them actually reigns as my second favourite anime ever. I’ve talked about it before, but if you didn’t know…


*Yells into the sky* That’s my boy!

Oh, man. I love Gurren Lagann so much my heart could explode. For someone who claims that they’re not a fan of mechs, TTGL is about as mecha as a show could get, and I fell head over heels. The show is just…so much fun!

Gurren Lagann is the story of Simon, our goggles wearing, drilling protagonist and his quest to take back the surface from the Gunmen (big ass robots) that drove humans underground hundreds of years ago. Along with the love of my life Kamina, Yoko and the rest of what is known as Team DaiGurren, he takes back the Earth, and the entire damn galaxy, hell, THE UNIVERSE, and becomes a far-cry from the little drilling boy we met at the beginning at the series.

But really, I love Gurren Lagann because it’s so much fun. For a start, it’s flashy as hell, probably one of the most unabashedly gaudy shows I’ve ever seen. Just look at these characters. I’ve spoken before about how much I adore Nia’s design, but the entire cast are Vogue’ing.

Hardest game of ‘guess the main character’ ever.

Not only the characters having awesome designs, but the setting too. For something that supposedly takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Gurren Lagann is gorgeous. Art, if I do throw that word around.

And going back to the characters – they are just wonderful. There is someone for everyone, but the entire pull of Gurren Lagann mostly comes down to the incredible development of the two leads Simon and Kamina, and the messages they embody.

Looking good, bro.

Whilst Simon is the hero of the story, and has the biggest and most interesting character development, the person I’m going to focus on here (and there’s no bias here, I promise) is Kamina. At the end of the day, Gurren Lagann tells a story that isn’t just about big, super robots and awesome fights (though they are amazing to watch), but it delivers an inspirational message of hope and never giving up. These messages are best represented through Kamina, and like hell will he let you forget it.


Perhaps Kamina’s most famous quote is: ‘Believe in the you that believes in yourself’, a quote that could be used as a sturdy crutch for anyone in need. And that’s what Gurren Lagann represents. There is no weakness in the universe, for you are the only weakness, and by believing in yourself, you can drive the weakness out.

Sure, the robots are super cool in Gurren Lagann. I mean, when Gurren Lagann combines? Wewww. My hype goes through the ceiling. DaiGurren are cool as hell. But to me, the coolest thing about Gurren Lagann are the messages it delivers alongside the mechs…Fight the power, my friends.

What mech show should I check out next? Let me know your suggestions and thoughts in the comments!

Until next time, pierce the heavens and row row, fight the power.


5 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime: Day 11”

  1. I have ever only seen one mecha and that Neon Genesis Evangelion, which I like, so maybe I should give this a try too. I have always thought that giant robots wasn’t my thing but after watching EVA I might change my mind. I should at least give one more mecha anime a chance, right?


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