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30 Days of Anime: Day 10 (In defense of Black Clover…)

First, let me preface this post by announcing I hit 20 followers!


Thank you so much! Hopefully you guys will continue enjoying my content. Now, onto today’s post (which actually ties in nicely with something I’ve been meaning to talk about)



I spent a while wondering what was meant by ‘fighter anime’, but after some research, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s about battle shounens. Which is awesome, because – hello, that’s my favourite genre. I’ve talked a lot about most of my favourites in the past, but one of my favourites is currently receiving a lot of flack. Time to fight its corner…



I can hear you all groaning already. Yes, one of my favourite anime and manga series has been the communities punching bag for a season now. Common complaint (in fact the only complaint I really hear) is the voice actor for Asta, and how awful his voice sounds – which I will touch on. Besides that, are the complaints about pacing but, c’mon guys. You knew Pierrot was creating it, give a little leeway, will ya?

Anyway, I am here to talk about Black Clover as a fighter anime and fight the point that it really isn’t that bad. For a start, the fights are great. For a shounen, Black Clover hits all the nails of the fighting boxes on the head. They’re fast paced, with high stakes and an awesome pay off when each character does the big reveal of their ability. Even those that have no magic – like our protagonist, Asta, manage to pull their own and deal some pretty spectacular damage in a quite dazzling fashion.


And for all of you early droppers (boo, hiss), you haven’t even seen the best fights animated yet! Black Clover’s anime is really about to hit into it’s stride with the action, which is a welcome change of pace.

Perhaps my biggest gripe with people’s complaints about Black Clover (besides Asta’s seiyuu), is the entire ‘it’s a generic shounen’ argument. Black Clover does not set out to be anything else. You can tell from the very beginning, it was not expecting to revolutionise the shounen genre. Black Clover is merely another story to escape into with an awesome setting, relatable characters (the main cast sans Yuno are all quite average within the Clover Kingdom, becoming self inserts that anime fans love so much), and a plot bursting with action. Naturally, if you’re expecting something you’ve never seen before…eh, yeah. Black Clover isn’t really doing it. But as a form of ENTERTAINMENT within the shounen genre? Hell, yeah. Black Clover is doing its job.

Sigh, onto everyone’s favourite punching bag…


I’m going to be the one to say it, are you ready? Asta’s VA is not terrible. Not one bit. People are throwing abuse at the poor guy everywhere, saying he should quit, that he’s awful, he sucks etc. On the contrary, I think he nailed the role. In terms of actual acoustics, his voice is different on first listen, yes. But it’s not UNLISTENABLE, nor is it the first time a shounen protagonist has yelled unnecessarily for an extended period of time. Also, coming from someone who read the manga before the anime was announced and aired – I actually think the voice fits Asta. He’s MEANT to be annoying, that’s part of his whole shtick. The entire thing is that no one will initially take him seriously because he’s a massive pain in the ass. Plus, if this really is the ‘big issue’ – just wait a week for the dub.

Anyway, I love Black Clover to death, and I’ll be watching it to the end, as well as probably keeping my rating at a solid 9/10. Put down your pitchforks, please.

What are your opinions on Black Clover? What anime do you think has some great fights? Let me know!

Until next time!

10 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime: Day 10 (In defense of Black Clover…)”

  1. I’ve grown to like Asta’s voice and feel like now that we have Magna, it fits in even better on the show. I do understand why people say it’s generic, but I’ve been enjoying it so far.

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  2. It’s more that I find it fairly boring that is the problem. The same jokes and things get trotted out over and over again, and they weren’t overly solid the first time, and the amount of action in 13 episodes is really low. Bleach may have some real pacing issues and not all the comedy hit its mark but I never felt that sense of boredom and just waiting for something to happen. Plus, Asta’s voice is more than just annoying. It hurts to listen to unless you turn the volume way down and then you can’t even hear Yuno because he speaks so incredibly quietly. I get the annoying, shouty protagonist trope and Asta isn’t the first, but he is the first to actually hurt to listen to during an episode to the point where I muted the show.
    That said, this is just how I’m seeing the show and my feelings on it and I’m glad there are some people who have been enjoying the ride.

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    1. I appreciate this comment, and an argument that isn’t completely shallow. I do think the pacing is the biggest issue – the entire pull of the manga (for me) was how fast paced it is, it’s impossible to get bored. Still, I’m hoping it’ll pick up into it’s stride very soon.

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  3. Yeah, that was some annoying screaming but I’m thinking that it’s who he is (and blaming the VA is stupid.) I haven’t seen Black Clover because of all the negative critic but maybe I will give it a try after your post.

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