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30 Days of Anime: Day 7


How’s this for some mind pasta? I’m writing Day 7 on Day 6, even though I am not writing Day 6 but I am writing today in order for it to post on Day 7. Wew. Day 7 is another difficult day…no plural?! How can I pick just one?!


The answer to this is that I will not pick just one, I will pick my top 5 boys – or top 5 husbandos. It’s not me, really. Blame them for looking so darn cute.

Number 1 – The obvious: Leorio Paladiknight (Hunter x Hunter)

I stopped eating apples for this doctor.

God, I’m sorry. I KNOW. I’ve wrote about him twice this week, but it’s the questions, honestly! Luckily for all of you, I won’t repeat myself – you can read what I wrote about my #1 Husbando Leorio here.

Number 2 – Hijikata Toushirou (Gintama)


Gintama has a fairly sizeable female following – but can you blame us with these dishy men everywhere? Sploosh. Toshi caught my eye in the first few episodes. It’s crazy, because his Mayora personality makes me think that his breath would totally stink after all that mayonnaise but then…you know. His fighting, and HIS VOICE. Oh lord, his voice. Yeah, all can be forgiven.

Number 3 – Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)


It’s pretty difficult not to fall for Kamina when watching Gurren Lagann, to be honest. He is the embodiment of a hero. He’s cool, fearless, keeps his shirt off when he fights…but most importantly for a hero, he instills hope in his allies and fear into his enemies. It’s not only admirable, but it also made me fall head over heels for him. Believe in the you that Kamina believes in.

Number 4 – Nanashima Nozomu (Kiss Him, Not Me!)


A criminally underrated show, with a criminally underrated boy. Nanashima is everything I love and hate in a guy, so naturally that meant I developed a big fat crush on him. He has the gorgeous, flicky hair thing going on. He’s a tsundere (I love a tsundere boy), and he’s also definitely a douchebag – but I love it. Plus, he really is a softie under that douchebag exterior, you just have to get close enough to see it! If he’d let you, of course. Whatever, his face is still a god-send.

Number 5 – Zen (Mystic Messenger)


Am I…cheating a little? I guess so. Whilst Mystic Messenger is a Korean Otome game, there’s no denying that the anime community have adopted it as their own. With the rumoured Mystic Messenger anime in the works, we could very well have our own anime Zen very soon. I hope so, because GOODNESS he is a sweetheart. I worked long and hard, through 4 Yoosung routes before I managed to find myself on Zen’s good route, and it was so worth it. He’s a lonely actor who just wants to be loved for more than his fame and looks…why can’t he find a girl like that? Uh, hello. Zen? Pick me, pick me!

This was somewhat rushed, and for that I apologise. There are a lot of cute guys I like, and it would take me far too long to write them all – but this was very fun to write regardless!

Who is your anime crush? Are you tempted by any of mine? (P.S. If you answered yes to that question, stay away).

Until next time!

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