The Liebster Award

I got nominated for an award! Can you believe it? I’m in disbelief also, but I am very grateful. Thank you, thank you.

I was nominated by the very friendly Dylan, a young blogger from New Zealand with a fresh outlook on anime, and very pleasant posts. Make sure to check him out!



  1. Display Award
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.
  4. Nominate 5-11 bloggers.

Here comes the questions…

  1. When did you start watching anime?

If we’re being pernickety about it, I started watching anime way back in 2007, when Bleach used to air on the TV. However, if we talk about when I began watching anime enough to garner interest in the genre, it was only in 2014. I was hooked on Attack on Titan, like the rest of the world.

2. What’s your favourite anime?

Anyone who has ever spoken to me for more than 2 seconds will know this, but perhaps I haven’t mentioned here yet. My favourite anime ever is Hunter x Hunter (2011), which was the biggest surprise for me. I will talk about this more when I inevitably get to ramble about it during the 30 day anime challenge, but I can’t ever see an anime having such a positive impact on me the way Hunter x Hunter did.

3. What’s your favourite anime blog?

My favourite anime blog, and the entire reason I started aniblogging myself, is Irina’s. I stumbled upon it whilst looking up something Soul Eater related, and ended up consuming pages upon pages of her content. She approaches anime in such a unique way (alcohol and anime? Please.) as well as writing genuinely insightful pieces.

4. What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

My favourite thing about having a blog is probably the ability to project my thoughts onto a platform in a coherent manner. Its easy to lose track of your thoughts when you’re just talking, particularly with anime, which is all over the damn place. But with my blog, I can collect my thoughts much nicer, which is very pleasant.

5. Who is your waifu or husbando?

Oh, I hate myself for this, I really do. I have 2 husbandos, for a start. One, who if he was a 3D man, is the representation of everything I love in a guy. The other, is because I’m very shallow and I’m ignoring the fact he’s a cold-hearted terrorist because I think he’s hot. I’m sorry.

My first (my one true!husbando) is Leorio from Hunter x Hunter. He’s a doctor (AND a believer in free health care!), funny, cares about his friends, and he’s 6″4. Swoon.

I’m looking directly into the sun.

The second, the hottest terrorist group leader there ever was…and my namesake on any website (you’ll see me lurking) is the one and only Chrollo Lucilfer, also from Hunter x Hunter!

I can’t resist a goth!boy, I’m sorry.

And just to convince you all that I have, in fact, watched more than one show – an honorary mention to one of my other favourite boys – Gundham Tanaka from the Danganronpa series.

There’s those goths again…

6. What’s your favourite meme?

Oh, boy. How to narrow it down to just one? If I really had to, though…

7. What’s the last movie that made you cry?

I have to be very careful with movies, as I am very soft-hearted. Therefore, I actively avoid movies that I know will definitely make me cry. As it is, I often get caught off guard. I can’t remember the last one that made me cry, though. Perhaps when I watched The Wrath of Khan recently?

8. What was your New Years Resolution?

My resolution for myself in the new year was to be more positive, and stop dwelling on negativity. Oh, and to eat better. I typed that whilst I ate a caramilk bar.

9. Do you have any collection?

I collect vinyl Funko Pops! It’s a modest collection, as it’s spread over 3 countries right now, but I’m pretty proud of it. The Pops I’ve collected (off the top of my head): Deku (BnHA), Bakugou (BnHA), Rapunzel (Tangled), The Colossal Titan (AoT), Eren Jaeger (AoT), Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul).

10. What do you like about your blog?

I like to think my blog is quite approachable, it doesn’t seem too professional or daunting. I hope it seems welcoming to anyone just wanting to learn more about anime – you’re more than welcome here!

11. What do you dislike about your blog?

I can’t find a theme I like, and besides that. I think my thoughts can sometimes be a bit janky, and it may be difficult to read. I’m doing my best to resolve this, though!

Here are my questions!

  1.  What’s your favourite anime opening?
  2. Which anime are you most anticipating?
  3. Who is your favourite seiyuu?
  4. What are your personal goals for 2018?
  5. Who is your waifu/husbando?
  6. How many languages can you speak? Can you say hello in all of them?
  7. What’s the worst anime you’ve ever seen?
  8. What is your favourite video game?
  9. What is the attitude towards anime in the country you reside in?
  10.  What is a secret talent of yours?
  11. What is your favourite word?

As for my nominations…I only know a few blogs, so excuse me!

  1. Hell Combat
  2. Bastionomhika
  3. moe404

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