Happy new year from ahogegirl!

Hey everyone! I’m spending my new year in Canada, and the clock finally switched to midnight… HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

tumblr_mhs8y0jjbu1s4quk9o1_500_largeSoul, drinking responsibly as one should on New Years Eve…

I was originally going to ring in the new year with a review of “Now and Then, There and Here”, but it didn’t feel in season for how…bleak it was. Expect it to come sooner rather than later, though!

As for the rest of this blogs future, I thought that maybe, if I made some resolutions, I could make this blog a better place for everyone, and have a lot of fun with it, too!

My husbando is hyped, and you should be, too!

So, here’s my (general) plan…how long I’ll stick to these resolutions? We’ll see

  • Daily posts! Whether it’s a review, a challenge, or just a vent on an anime, I will try to post more. Hell, it might even be an in-depth appreciation of Killua’s soft, fluffy hair. But a more regular posting schedule is coming up.
  • I will take suggestions as to what to watch. For the most part, I have been working through a huge back-log of shows on my Plan to Watch list, but what do YOU guys want me to watch? Let me know!
  • More challenge posts! I will try and do a new one each month (depending on my posting schedule), starting on January 1st. These could centre around a specific anime, or be more generalised, but maybe a specific prompt will allow me to be more articulate.
  • I’m possibly thinking of doing some walkthroughs/reviews on Otome and anime inspired MOBA Games that I have been playing, but I will maybe gauge interest on this first.

And that’s my 2018 blogging plans! I’m looking forward to spending 2018 with all of you!

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