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30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1


Well, here I am. With my first post in the 30 day anime challenge! I’m super excited to get started with this. I’ll do my best to put a different anime for each category to avoid putting the same 4 shows, but we’ll see!


There are actually two contenders for this, depending on what we count as my first anime. I could either consider my first anime after I was aware of what anime actually was, or the first anime that I watched before being really aware of the medium. As it is, I’ll use both…

My first anime, before I was even sure of what anime was…was BLEACH.


Oh, sweet, misunderstood Bleach. How the people mock you now, not knowing that you were once my reason for getting up early before school. Yes, before I even knew how to spell anime, I was finished up with 366 episodes of Bleach, and it holds a place very close to my heart. It was the first cartoon (so to speak) that, to 9 year old me, dealt with more adult themes than my typical Saturday morning cartoons. The fights were like nothing I’d ever seen – so much blood! Shinigami?! A totally foreign concept, I was obsessed.

Sure, Bleach gets a lot of criticism for its unnecessary filler – and quite right, too. Imagine waiting to see the conclusion of an arc, and instead getting an episode about cake. Hm. Don’t get me wrong, the filler could be super annoying, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that when Bleach was great, it was really freaking amazing. I’ve seen a hell of a lot of shounen anime since I last watched Bleach, and Soul Society still stands up as one of the greatest arcs I’ve ever seen in shounen. If you’ve been putting off Bleach, for whatever reason, most likely because of the filler – stop! Everyone should experience Bleach at least once.

Important mention to my technical first anime husbando, Grimmjow. I loved this sly bastard.

How could I resist a man with a surname like Jaegerjaquez? Swoon.

And some more appreciation for one of my favourite openings in anime, ever. Man. Maybe I should get around to a Bleach rewatch one of these days?

Moving on, the first anime I watched once I was actively looking for anime to watch…like many, many others – my first was SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN, better known as ATTACK ON TITAN


Somehow, despite not really knowing anyone into the medium, and not being involved in it anyway myself, I found myself getting pulled into the Attack on Titan hype back in 2014. It looked slick, cool…and who can forget that opening? Linked Horizon are the best hypemen to have on the team, the song never leaves my damn head.

Attack on Titan singlehandedly dragged me into anime hell. I was obsessed. I was halfway through my first year of university, sitting my exams, and somehow managed to binge 20 episodes in a day, the wait for new episodes for the next month being AGONISING. The anticipation was high. Little did I know back then I was have to have a 2 year wait for season 2…sigh.

I can’t think of a better starter anime, at least for action fans. The first episode alone has enough action, tragedy, and bloodshed to leave any action fan foaming at the mouth for more. Times that by 24, and you’ve got yourself a new favourite show. The cast of Attack on Titan are fun, albeit a little controversial. Though, can I talk about the cast without bringing up my love for Captain Levi? I can’t, you’re correct. Shoutout to Matt Mercer (I watched the dub, sorry) for making him, like everything else he does, so wonderful.

On this blog, we love and support Humanity’s strongest soldier.

So there you have it! My two first anime. Looking back, I can’t think of anything I’d change. Both did a fine job of catching my interest, before finally dragging me to where I am today, and I hold no regrets. What was everyone else’s first anime? Are they the same as mine? Let me know your thoughts!

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      1. Yeah, ikr. I know hardly anyone who reads or watches bleach but the ones that do absolutely love it!


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